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Faculty: Scheduling Classes

Requesting Bibliographic Instruction

Columbia College faculty members can request that the librarian meet with his or her class and present a subject-specific session on methods and sources for conducting research. This can be for a specific assignment or simply an orientation so that students are aware of the resources the library has to offer. Some of the information that is covered in a typical bibliographic instruction include how to:

  • Use the online catalog to locate materials within the library.
  • Use the library's databases to locate articles.
  • Use research tools to locate information on the Internet.
  • Use multiple search strategies to locate information that is reliable, current and relevant.

To schedule a session or for more information, please contact Brian Greene at 209-588-5179 or via email 

Scheduling the Library

If you would like to schedule time for your class to simply work in the library without receiving library instruction we ask that you contact Brian Greene at 209-588-5179 or and schedule an appointment.