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Faculty: Open Educational Resources (OER)


Open Educational Resources have received a lot of attention recently as a way to reduce textbook costs for students. This guide is intended to be a resource for faculty looking to find Open Access materials to use in their classes. Please contact Brian Greene in the library for help with your search. 

What is OER?

OER Logo

According to the OER Glossary, Open Educational Resources are:

Teaching and learning materials that are freely available online for everyone to use, whether you are an instructor, student, or self-learner.

Open Access Textbook Repositories


Open Textbook Library is a curated collection that includes college-level textbooks and some user-generated reviews.

openstax logo
Hosted by Rice University, openstax offers faculty-contributed, peer-reviewed textbooks.

Merlot logo with column to the left of the name 

Merlot is a well known collection with good advanced search features that allow limiting by type, audience and license.

COOL4Ed: Explore, Discover, Learn, Adopt, Adapt

Cool4Ed is a collaboration by the CCC, CSU, and UC systems to provide easy access to eTextbooks.

Milne Open Textbooks logo

Milne Open Textbooks (formerly Open SUNY Textbooks) is a collection of OER textbooks authored and peer reviewed by SUNY faculty and staff.

Meta-Search Engines

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Mason OER Metafinder allows simultaneous full-text searching of numerous repositories.

Search engine logo for Oasis 
OASIS searches numerous repositories at the same time.

oer commons 
OER Commons allows a search of thousands of materials or a browse feature for eTextbooks

OER By Discipline

A list of suggested OER by discipline, maintained by a Lake Tahoe Community College math instructor Larry Green.