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MLA Style Guide: Newspaper Article

Newspaper Article

Material Type In-text Citation  Works Cited
Print newspaper article (printed on consecutive pages)
(Kissinger C2)  

Kissinger, Henry. "The China Challenge." Wall Street Journal, 14-15 May 2011, late ed., pp. C1-C2.


Print newspaper article (printed on non-consecutive pages)

(Williams 14)  

Williams, Joy. "Rogue Territory." The New York Times Book Review, 9 Nov. 2014, pp. 1+.

If the article is printed on non-consecutive pages, write the first page number and a plus sign.

Online newspaper article (Internet, freely available)  



Bump, Phillip. "Donald Trump Starts the General Election behind Hillary Clinton by a Mile." Washington Post, 4 May 2016,

Online newspaper article (library database)
(Shah and Mashal A9(L))  

Shah, Taimoor, and Mujib Mashal. "Afghanistan Seeks to Take Key Highway From Taliban." New York Times, 3 May 2016, p. A9(L). Academic OneFile,