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MLA Style Guide: Other Formats

Other Formats

Material Type In-text Citation Works Cited
Transcript (of radio broadcast or interview, etc.)
(Diane Rehm Show)  

The Diane Rehm Show. Hosted by Diane Rehm, National Public Radio, 20 May 2008. Transcript.

[Transcript.] is a supplemental element used because this is an unexpected type of work and to specify the work was read and not heard.

Online course materials from Blackboard (or another LMS)

VanCamp, April. "Module 2." Blackboard, uploaded by VanCamp, 8 May 2022,

Lecture or live performance

Obama, Barack. Inaugural Address by President Obama. 21 Jan. 2013, United States Capitol, Washington, D.C. Address.

[Address.] is a supplemental element included because this is an unexpected type of work.

Physical object experienced firsthand

Dali, Salvador. Apparatus and Hand. 1927, The Dali Museum, St. Petersburg, Florida.

Online video
("Why Does the Gender Pay Gap Still Exist?")  

"Why Does the Gender Pay Gap Still Exist?" YouTube, uploaded by CNN Business, 10 Apr. 2018,