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MLA Style Guide: Title of container (Works Cited)

Title of container (Works Cited)

Title of container is the third core element. Containers are either 1) complete works that contain smaller works, like a book containing essays, a book containing short stories, or an academic journal containing articles, or 2) larger containers holding smaller containers, like a database containing academic journals or a website containing webpages.

  • The title of the container is italicized and followed by a comma.
  • It is possible for a source to have more than one container, for example, an article [title of source] from a journal [title of first container] accessed from an online database [title of second container].
  • Sometimes titles will contain other titles. For example, a book of stories may be titled the name of one story "and Other Stories".
    • If the title mentioned is usually indicated by italics, do not use italics or quotation marks for the title within the title. The title within the title will be in Roman. Examples are a book about a novel and a book about a film.
      • Example of a book title that includes the title of a book: The Complete Gone with the Wind Trivia Book,
    • If the title mentioned is usually indicated by double quotation marks, italicize the title, along with the rest of the title of container, and enclose the title in double quotations marks. Examples are a book about a poem and a book of short stories.
      • Example of a book title that includes the title of a short story: "The Sneetches" and Other Stories,

Collection of essays, stories, poems, etc.

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