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APA Style Guide: Physicians' Desk Reference

Physicians' Desk Reference

Material Type           In-text Citation              Reference                                                        

Citing the Physicians' Desk Reference ((PDR) or any drug reference guide) from the print or electronic version is the same as citing an entry in an encyclopedia or dictionary. You will have an entry (drug name) followed by publication information for the print version or electronic retrieval information for the database or website.                                                           

Drug entry in the print version PDR

("Invanz,", 2010).


Invanz. (2010). In Physicians' Desk Reference (65th ed., pp. 2127-2134). Montvale, NJ: PDR Network.

Drug entry in the database version PDR ("Invanz," 2012).

Invanz. (2012, February). In PDR3D Digital Drug Database. Retrieved from


Drug entry in the open access website version PDR ("Invanz," 2012).

Invanz. (2012, February). Retrieved from